What Sets Us Apart

Aside from providing mainstay exchange services, innovative features such as social trading,
market research and the NOBOS academy will help to establish a one-stop platform to onboard users to the crypto marketplace.

NOBOS Exchange Services

As an exchange, NOBOS offers mainstay exchange services that will allow you to:
1. Buy/Sell Crypto quickly and without fuss
2. Access real-time market prices and charts of Bitcoin and other Altcoins
3. Transact Crypto over-the-counter (OTC)
4. Upsize your exposure to Crypto through margin trading
These services are underpinned by a pledge and back-end architecture to ensure the security of your personal information and most importantly, your assets.

In addition to exchange services, NOBOS sets itself apart from other exchanges with its social trading platform, news feeds, Crypto research and academy.



NOBOS will provide a stream of signals pertaining to trading strategies provided by professionals. Based on this, users will be able to vote and ascertain overall sentiments (bullish or bearish) and insert commentary on current market movements.


NOBOS Community

Tapping on the social trading revolution, NOBOS’s platform will allow users to connect with each other and discuss and promote various trading strategies. The platform will be powered by social likes & shares as well as data from user’s return profiles.


NOBOS Database

Our research partners will provide insights into the crypto marketplace particularly on the legal landscape, news developments that will help you make informed investment decisions.


NOBOS Academy

NOBOS’ investor education suite will feature the full slate of FAQs as well as a gamified multimedia platform to help you build competency in crypto investing.



The proliferation of news portals has led to confusion over which provider to trust. At NOBOS, we help to collate and curate news articles in a timely fashion to provide insight into the goings and comings in the crypto marketplace.